In pursuance of the 2nd Brand Promise of employing Experiential Learning, SalesianaBooks is purposely made to be complete with teaching tools that aim to ease the educator’s vocation to make the students acquire 21st Century Skills. Believing that effective teaching is to impart learning through all the senses through various mediums and through the student’s interest, most SalesianaBooks are accompanied with kits that enhance any teaching methodology. To aid teachers in presenting their lessons, SalesianaBooks packages the following features with every textbook series:

Each textbook comes with a Teacher’s Manual to aid the teacher in the preparation of his or her lesson plan.
SalesianaBooks Teacher’s Manual includes:

  • Scope and Sequence outlining Content, Lesson Objectives, and the corresponding featured Value/s
  • Suggested schedule on a daily basis
  • Suggested activity corresponding to the lesson for the day
  • Answer keys

A number of SALESIANABOOKS are packaged with value added features that make learning fun, interesting,
and engaging. Teaching and Learning Enhancement Tools (TLET) are educational aids that SALESIANABOOKS
has prepared to enhance the student’s educational experience and to assist teachers in engaging their
students. Look for the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Tools (TLET) logo to enjoy some or all of the
following implements:

  • Manipulatives
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Audio-visual Presentations
  • Demonstration Videos
  • Original Short Films
  • Interactive Electronic Lectures and Games
  • Workshop Kits
  • Supplemental Journals and Reading Materials
  • Big Demonstration Books for Preschoolers and Elementary