Towards Wholeness: Health Education (For 1st Year to 4th Year)

Textbook Series Description

Towards Wholeness is a series of textbooks that is written for high school students. With the objective of making students aware of the path to health and wellness as well as the factors that can negatively aff ect their health, the books in this series have the following features:

  • They follow the scope and guidelines given by the Department of Education.
  • They contain catchy illustrations that capture the message of the accompanying text.
  • Topics on health and current issues related to it are tackled using simple texts that are easy-tounderstand.
  • Each chapter comes with activities that allow the students to test how much they’ve learned from their lessons as well as apply what they have learned.

The books encourage the students to be open with their thoughts and experiences which can make it easier for the teachers to identify certain symptoms or factors that may aff ect a student’s health in the future. Since health is also aff ected by our environment, this series also encourages the students to participate in activities that will decrease pollution.

Product Specifications

Mr. Ronualdo U. Dizer
Ms. Maryrose C. Roque
Mr. Joseph Fernando T. Marquez

BOOK SIZE 6.75” x 9.75”
NUMBER OF PAGES Year I - 88, Year II - 88,
Year III - 88, Year IV - 88
EDITORS Mr. Victor G. Panizales


Teachers' Manual

The Health Education Teacher’s Manual was designed primarily to provide teachers with guidelines on how to use the textbook efficiently. It has a table that contains the overview of the units. The lessons contain the following: topic, objectives, material, skills, values, and learning strategies. This Teacher’s Manual provides you with procedures and strategies to make teaching more effective.

Textbook Outline

Year I Introduction To Health

Unit I Personal Health
Unit II Growth and Development
Unit III First Aid
Unit IV Drug Education

Year II Steps In Staying Healthy

Unit I Health and Ecology
Unit II Population Education
Unit III First Aid
Unit III Drug Education

Year III Disease Awareness and Prevention

Unit I Health and Ecology
Unit II Reproductive Health
Unit III Diseases
Unit IV Drug Education

Year IV Health Education for Future Adults

Unit I Health Education for Future Adults
Unit II Population Education
Unit III Mental Health
Unit IV Drug Education (Narcotics)

Textbook Features