Kenosis: The Life-Giving Sacrifice of Jesus Updated Edition for Preschool

Textbook Series Description

This book will help the child grow closer to Jesus. It is entitled Kenosis. It is the Greek word for self-emptying. ‘Empty’means that there is nothing left. To empty ourselves means to give up everything in us that we like and cherish in order to make the lives of other people better. Kenosis is to give up what we are attached to so as to make others happy.

Product Specifications

Mr. Margarita S. Perdido
Ms. Cristina D. Macascas
Ms. Fides A. Del Castillo

BOOK SIZE 8.0’’ x 10.5’’
K - 160
P - 176
COORDINATOR Rev. Fr. René T. Lagaya,
SDB, MTD, (Ph.D.)


Textbook Features
  • With activities that show the values a child must have
  • With verses taken from the Bible.
Teachers's Manual

The series comes with a Teacher’s Manual which contains semi-detailed lesson plans that can guide the teachers in the preparation and execution of the lessons.

Textbook Outline

NURSERY: Signs and Symbols
in the Church

Unit I God the Father
Unit II Jesus Christ
Unit III The Holy Spirit
Unit IV The Church

KINDER: Basic concepts
of the Christian Faith

Unit I God Loves Me
Unit II I Have a Family
Unit III I Am Part of a Bigger Family
Unit IV I Pray with God’s Family

PREP : Creation

Unit I God Created Me
Unit II God Created My Family
Unit III God Created Other People