The Amazing World of Science for Preschool

Textbook Series Description

Children of early age need to understand the basic process skills as an integral part in studying Science. Observing, comparing, and classifying are some of these skills that need to be first developed. Moreover, children need to have an opportunity to ask and answer questions, do simple observations,and solve problems.

The Amazing World of Science (Kindergarten Series) has been developed based on this principle. The lessons presented in this series follow the scope prescribed in the K to 12 curriculum by the Department of Education.

The theme is organized around oneself, one’s family, school, and community. These correspond to each Unit title in the textbook.

Product Specifications

Ms. Ayessa A. Conducto and Mr. Eric F. Fungo

NUMBER OF PAGES Nursery – 160 pages, Pre-K – 160 pages, Kindergarten – 160 pages
COPYRIGHT Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten – 2016


Textbook Features
Teachers' Manual
Textbook Outline


Unit I My Eyes
Unit II My Nose
Unit III My Ears
Unit IV My Tongue
Unit V My Skin


Unit I About Myself
Unit II About Animals and Plants
Unit III About Matter and Motion
Unit IV About Nature


Unit I Myself
Unit II Animals and Plants Around Me
Unit III Matter, Force, and Motion
Unit IV The Weather and the Sky