Actualizing the Adolescent: Values Approach to Personality Development

Textbook Series Description

Actualizing The Adolescent: Values Approach to Personality Development was written to provide a text that would aid senior high school students in understanding their current developmental stage, the challenges and opportunities that are embedded in it, and to help identify the significant people and their roles during this phase in their development.

Product Specifications

Ms. Avelina L. Mandin, RGC, MAP and Mr. Ryan Francis O. Cayubit

BOOK SIZE 8.0” x 10.5”
EDITORS Mr. Partick Alexander Castañeda


Teachers' Manual
Textbook Outline

Chapter 1 Knowing Oneself
Chapter 2 Aspects of Holistic Development
Chapter 3 Growth and Development in the Adolescence Stage
Chapter 4 Cognition
Chapter 5 Mental Hygiene and the Adolescent
Chapter 6 Emotions
Chapter 7 Personal and Social Relationships
Chapter 8 Family Relationships

Textbook Features