Don Bosco School of Printing (DBSP)

Continuing Don Bosco’s mission of providing quality education and livelihood to the young, Don Bosco School of Printing (DBSP), which operates in conjunction with Don Bosco Press, Inc., was founded in October 1993 and offcially recognized by the Department of Education, Culture, and Sports (now called DepEd) in January 1995. At present, it is under the direct supervision of TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority), which is primarily responsible for vocational and technical schools.



Curriculum Offered

Printing Technician Course

  • Conventional and Digital Pre-Press
  • Lithographic Offset Printing
  • Post-Press

Subjects Included

  • Orientation to Printing Operations and Procedures
    1. Orientation to Printing
    2. Introduction to Pre-Press
    3. Computer, Desktop Publishing, and Basic Digital Pre-Press
    4. Color Reproduction Advanced Digital Pre-Press
  • Litographic Offset Press Operations and Procedures
    • Introduction to Offset Press Systems:
      1. Feeders
      2. Sheet Register
      3. Delivery
      4. Printing Unit
      5. Dampening
      6. Inking
    • Makeready Sheet-fed Offset Printing
      1. Preventive Maintenance
      2. Press Production
      3. Print Characteristics
      4. Measurement of Print Characteristics
  • Post-Press Operations and Procedures
    1. Introduction to Post-Press Operations and Procedures
    2. Production Flow in Print Finishing
  • Print Economics and Quality Systems
    1. Economics and Operations
    2. Quality Systems


This one-year course is meant to train technically inclined young people to handle materials and equipment used to prepare image carriers for the printing process, to operate and maintain offset printing
machines, and to manage and maintain different bindery and finishing machines required to convert the printed sheet into quality finished product.

Great attention is given to the vital integration of the theoretical inputs with the practical application in the extended practicum exposures in the actual printing operations. Communication sessions, spiritual and value formation activities are also organized and scheduled.

School Fee

A successful applicant for enrolment contributes a nominal amount of 2, 500 a month for training. A deserving applicant may avail of the school’s assistance program. For further inquiries please feel free to call Mr. Eduardo Madrid, Jr., the School Administrator at 893-8195, and Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 4pm.

Enrollment Information

Entrance Requirements

  1. Young men and women (16-24 years old)
  2. Baptismal and Birth Certificates
  3. High School Report Card and Diploma
  4. Parent’s latest income tax returns or affidavit of non-filing of tax returns
  5. ID Picture (2 copies, 1×1)
  6. Entrance Examination
  7. Admission Interview

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